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Surveys Of Listed And Other Traditionally Built Residential Property

Traditional buildings vary enormously and problems are often unique to a particular type or period of construction. Victorian terraces, Georgian town houses, and post medieval timber frame buildings all have unique characteristics, each requiring a different approach to gain a thorough understanding of the building. What may appear to be a simple masonry building to the casual observer and even some general building surveyors, can often turn out to be a later façade concealing a much older timber frame structure. Surveying historic and traditionally constructed buildings requires experience, specialist knowledge and considerable mental agility to make sense of what are often complex structures that have been altered over many centuries.

Do I need a specialist surveyor?

Using a surveyor with the right knowledge and experience is essential, failure to properly recognise and understand the problems of traditional buildings can have serious consequences. Ownership of listed buildings and those situated in conservation areas come with additional legal responsibilities that may limit development opportunities and increase the cost of maintenance and repairs. NPA surveys are bespoke to each building and provide unambiguous clear information on issues that are sometimes overlooked or referred to others by general building surveyors.

Do you survey all types of traditional property?

Yes. NPA survey all types of buildings from the medieval through to the modernist period and have a profound understanding of the construction techniques and defects that can affect them.

Are you qualified to undertake this type of survey?

All surveys are carried out by Tim Nicholson who has many years’ experience surveying and recording all types of traditional and listed buildings. Tim has a master’s degree accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, he is also a member of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain. All advice is well informed, impartial and offered subject to strict ethical and professional standards.

Can you offer advice on specific defects and problems?

Surveys are always tailored to the client’s needs. Investigations are often undertaken to assess the condition of specific elements of a building such as roof structures, timber framing, lath ceilings or external rendering. However, it is always preferable to adopt an holistic approach to surveying, as a defect in one part of a building is often a consequence of a failure in another area.

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